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Kosher Meat

Kosher Meat

e choose the finest quality kosher meats to provide to our customers. Koshering is done right on the premises under the watchful eye of our mashgiach and his exceptionally skilled staff of kosher butchers who hand-cut each piece at the time of your order.

Choose from beef, chicken, turkey, veal and lamb from trusted brands such as International, David Elliot, Kiryas Joel, Meal Mart and Aaron’s Best. You’ll find cold cuts, franks and fresh cuts of meat.

All of our certified Glatt Kosher Beef is 100% Grass Fed Beef with no growth Hormones. Our All Natural Beef is Humanely Slaughtered. All of our Turkeys and Chickens are free roaming, antibiotic and hormone free, and ohh so tender.

The Best Quality

  • Kosher Beef
  • Kosher Bison
  • Kosher Chicken
  • Kosher Dry Aged Beef
  • Kosher Duck
  • Kosher Lamb
  • Kosher Turkey
  • Kosher Veal Kosher marinated & Seasoned Meat & Poultry
  • Kosher Premium Sausage

Kosher Fish

Looking for fresh fish? Choose from our salmon, turbot, tilapia, carp, and more… all packaged under tight kosher supervision and packed. You’ll also find a complete (and delicious) assortment of favorites like herring and whitefish appetizers and smoked lox. Or, stock up on fish cans and jars like gefilte, tuna, salmon and more.

Kosher Seafood

A quality protein that is both low in fat and cholesterol and high in vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids, there are so many reasons to make fish a staple part of your healthy kosher diet. You’ll find all the best quality kosher seafood available today, including smoked, pickled, packaged and fresh fish.